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Certificates of Origin

The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is an authorized Certificate of Origin issuer.

A Certificate of Origin is an international trade document that certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly, obtained, produced, manufactured and processed in a particular country.

They also serve as a declaration by the exporter.

A Certificate of Origin must be signed by the exporter, notarized and then validated by a designated organization.

To obtain a Certificate of Origin from the Amherst Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Complete a Document of Indemnity (Affidavit) here
    • The document needs to be notarized before it can be authorized. Typically, the bank or a local UPS store can notarize it if you don't have a company notary public.
    • The Affidavit is valid for the calendar month in which it is notarized.
    • The Amherst Chamber of Commerce can not notarize and validate the documents.
  2. Complete a Certificate of Origin Form here and bring both documents to the Chamber offices. Your company may have it's own Certificate of Origin document which is acceptable.
  3. Call the office for an appointment (716) 632.6905.


Active Chamber Members

              • $5 fee per stamp


              • $25 fee for the first stamp
              • $5 for each additional stamp
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