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Emerging Business Leaders

The Emerging Business Leaders (EBL) consist of young professionals, under the approximate age of 40, who convene to increase their network, expand their leadership skills and support local philanthropic causes.

Goals And Objectives
  • To provide forums for young professionals to interface and build their networks.
  • To access Leadership Training to assist them in growing professionally.
  • To interface with current regional leadership via the Mentorship Program.

Watch our Calendar of Events for EBL hosted Summer & Winter ProMixes!

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EBL Leadership Program

As young professionals advance down their career path, it’s imperative that they build leadership strengths and learn new ways to achieve greater impact.
The EBL Leadership Program focuses on the key personal development skills needed to help young people become strong leaders within the business community and continue to advance our region.

The program consists of classroom training, mentoring with the Amherst Chamber Board and Councils, networking and mixer opportunities, as well as, community engagement.

Opportunities to meet and network with classmates outside of the classroom (online or in person) will be in interspersed throughout the program.

EBL Leadership Program 2024 (January - October) is in PROCESS.

*Applications are accepted year-round. For more information, click here.*

  • For planning, classes for 2024 are as follows - typically 3rd Friday of the month (8am -10am):
    • 2/16/2024
    • 3/8/2024 Daemen University Symposium (10am-4pm)
    • 4/19/2024
    • 5/17/2024
    • 6/21/2024
    • 7/19/2024
    • 8/16/2024
    • 9/20/2024
    • 10/18/2024
    • 10/28/2024 EBL Leadership Program Celebration at the Amherst Chamber The Event – Celebrating Business Excellence (5:30pm-8pm)
  • In person unless otherwise noted
  • Attendance/Participation:
    • Two absences will be allowed for personal/work situations.
  • Leadership Program participants are expected to attend all EBL networking events that occur throughout the year including the Leadership Program end celebration at The Event-Celebrating Business Excellence at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens on October 24, 2024
EBL Symposium at Daemen March 2023
EBL Symposium at Daemen March 2023
EBL.Leadership.02.10.2023. Workplace Big Five

Emerging Business Leaders Council 2023/2024

Nick Darling *Co-Chair
Spectrum Reach

Lynsey Zimdahl Weaver *Co-Chair
Kevin Guest House

A.J. Baynes
Amherst Chamber

Matthew Castaldo
Amherst Chamber

Christine Langenfeld
Amherst Chamber

Jeff Applement

Richard Arnaud
National Fuel

Erica Brecher
Excelsior Orthopaedics

Jessica Milano-Carty
People Inc.

Chelsea Castiglia

Laryssa Domagala
OneBridge Benefits

Katie Fox
UB School of Management

Kimberly Herrington, MHA

Sara Isbrandt

Sarah Just
Horizon Corporations

Carolyn Leed
Law Offices of Carolyn E. Leed

Jim Lougen
M&T Bank

Lucien Rosedale

Patrick Rost
InfoSecurity Blueprint

Tara Slowik
Independent Health

Britt Tuzzo
West Herr Automotive

Alexander Vacco
Lippes Mathias

Maddie Weitz
Alzheimer's Association

“The EBL program through the Amherst Chamber has inspired me to continue my pursuit of being a leader in my profession. It has also helped me to recognize the fact that I already possess many similar values and the knowledge essential to leadership. I am grateful for the education, networking, and impact that this program has brought to me. With the guidelines and structure of the program, I have found a new confidence in myself that continues to benefit me both personally and professionally.”

Kaitlyn Nye from Cornerstone, EBL Class of 2022

“Participating in the EBL program was a fun way to add to my personal and career growth. The monthly sessions which were presented by local leaders allowed me to learn more about myself as a professional and provided me with tools/strategies that I could implement towards my success in the workplace. The program also provided a great opportunity for networking with other professionals in my age range that I wouldn’t encounter otherwise.”

John Grabowski from Wendel, EBL Class of 2022

“It was an honor to be a part of such an amazing program, the Emerging Business Leaders through the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  Not only did I learn so many topics that have helped me with my day to day work, the program allowed me to grow my network in Buffalo.  I feel so much more involved, included, and feel a sense of community now within the Buffalo Business World, which I couldn’t have achieved without this program”

Britt Tuzzo from West Herr Auto, EBL Class of 2022

EBL ProMix June 2023
EBL ProMix June 2023
EBL ProMix 2019
EBL ProMix 2019
EBL ProMix June 2023
EBL ProMix June 2023
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